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Oct 28, 2013 6:30pm PDT
museum opened today ahead of the one-year anniversary of superstorm sandy. it has been closed since the storm flooded the island, filling the basement archives and computers used to research the records. ellis was home for about 12 million immigrants entering the united states and sits right next door to the statue of liberty. the $28 million restoration project is still continuing. >>> and recapping our earnings investments, investors initially sold on the future market pressure but shares have since erased those losses. >> and we'll see how they do tomorrow. >> we will. i'm susie gharib. >>> and i'm tyler mathisen, thank you for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow night. >>> nightly business report is brought to you by, multi-media tools for a financial world. our dividends stock adviser guides and helps to generate income during a period of low interest rates. we are the
Oct 29, 2013 6:30pm PDT
.com. >>> and finally tonight, one year after super storm sandy hit the eastern shore of the united states, causing an estimated $62 billion in damages, lawmakers are moving to push back big increases in flood insurance premiums that could threaten the finances of hundreds of thousands of american homeowners. mary thompson reports. >> reporter: inspect last year, floo floods took homes from colorado to twin cities to the jersey shore. forging rare bipartisan support to delay rate hikes that will threaten these homes again. bob hmenendez. >> we have too manyรง people ou of their homes and too many people afraid of losing their home. we suffered from a natural disaster. we need not create a man-made one. >> reporter: the bigger waters about. well intentioned legislation aimed at restoring the financial health of the insurance program, which is $26 billion in debt. the act saying refund the program by charging market rate premiums for hundreds of thousands of homes in flood zones. the problem, a lot of those previously subsidized homeowners can't afford the rates. >> nobody is arguing against reasona
Nov 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> reporter: this is a come back marathon, cancelled because of super storm sandy. but the bad feelings didn't last. they are saying last year's controversy didn't scar runners or sponsors away. >> sponsorship is sup. we'll scelebrate this year and structured partnership for next year for the next eight years. partnership is stronger than ever. >> reporter: the making of running year sasics. >> this was the largest race in the united states. we're excited and it's something that we've been doing for a long time, and we love it. >> reporter: like the runners, they are in it for the long haul saying the 26.2 mile course come hell or high water. for "nightly business report" i'm mary tomorrow son. >> to prepare, head to our website you know, it's so nice to see people so positive, whether you're a sponsor or runner and against all odds. >> that's right. so many people -- i was talking to one running on this weekend, she said she had to get there like four hours early in part to compile with the new security screenings for the runners themselves. >> great day -- >> cold but good. have a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3